When you’re feeling down and out, REAL friends be like


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Jesus Christ.


I just hurt myself laughing

Jesus, you JESUS.


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You all put up with those asks, woo!

Because reasons, I’m going to be on omegle for a bit on video. Be on video under the tag teamfreekickass.



my hair game is not good enough for this today…. oh well!

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Anonymous inquired:

you've got more game than me; even though you're younger ;-;
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I first saw your blog from the taking tee shirts off gif and I was looking at it and I was like sweet an attractive dude who has the same nickname as me
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your nose is my favorite nose
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I WANNA BE FRIENDS WITH YOU SO BAD like we're mutuals and we've talked a few times but oh my god I'm just so awkward I am so sorry
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I like you, you're kind of an ass, but you also can be nice and you just seem both adorable and snarky.

Could we be friends? Like adventure friends?

Oh hell yes

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I don't think you're actually a dragon
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The first time I heard your voice I freaked the food out and then I was super chill about it. When you Skype you play with your glasses a lot
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You're quit sexy
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You are a handsome devil
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Anon thought: You are gorgeous. I love your sense of humor and your smile and you're amazing.
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The first time I ever looked at your blog all I saw was your quite attractive face and that wonderful Jensen poster. I've always thought you're really cool and I'd like to go to Comic Con with you. C: